Cafe Menu

Profits from the Café will go directly to the Con and the charities we are supporting!

Seating available ~ shared with Panel and Event Area

Commemorative Cup Available ~ while supplies last!

Villain's Café Menu

Menu will be updated as we take photos - shown below

Specialty Drinks 

(16oz only - Non-Alcoholic)

Thanos Snap - Blue Raspberry Spritzer $5.00

(Blue Tea Concentrate with Carbonated Mineral Water and Galaxy Syrup - no artificial colors added!)

Whiplash - $5.00

(Cocoa Cold Brew w/Cold Foam & Salted Caramel & White Chocolate Drizzle)

Queen of Hearts - $5.00

(Cold Rose Tea Lemonade with Food Safe Rose Buds)


 Nom Noms:

Jabba 2-Pack $6.00

(Heated , Stuffed, 5" Pizza Sticks w/Ranch & Marinara Dipping Sauces ~ Cheese or Pepperoni)

Additional Sauce Cups 50¢ Each

Carnage $8.00

(Chicken Salad w/celery, cranberries, &  a creamy sauce on Brioche ~ served w/choice of side)

Additional Sides $1.50 Each

(Potato Salad, Carrot Sticks, or assorted bags of chips)


Darkseid Treats:

A-Salted Caramel Kingpin Cookie $2.00

Baneberry Bites (6 Mini Blueberry Muffins) $3.00

Electro Bites (6-pack w/Peanut Butter, Coconut, Honey, Oats, Chocolate Chips ~ Gluten Friendly) $4.00

Espressasaurus Bits (Fresh Ground Espresso in Chocolate Dinosaurs 24-Pack) $3.00

Additional Food items can be found at the Perry Park Center Concession Stand - Regular Beverage Menu Below

Thanos Snap

Queen of Hearts Lemonade


Jabba Sticks


A-Salted Caramel Kingpin Cookie

Baneberry Bites 6pk

Espressasaurus Bits 

(Penny for Scale)

Electro Bites 6pk

Regular Beverage Options:

16 oz ~ $4.00 each

Hot Brewed Coffee ~ Medium Roast, Dark Roast, & Decaf

Hot Cocoa

Cold Brewed Coffee

Hot Tea ~ Ask for Available Options

Cold Tea ~ Black Tea or Raspberry Rose Hibiscus (Sweetened to Taste!)

Flavor 50¢ Additional ~ Ask for Available Options

Bottled Water $1.00 each

Single Sip Flavor Pack (Hydration or Immunity) ~ $1.40